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The Townhouse, Torquay - Fri 16-Jan-2004
The Torquay gig went very well indeedy. 5 bands in just over 3
hours is pretty good going by anyone’s standards.

Up The Rebels kicked it all off, the most un-enviable
job of the night, but they were cool and even found the
energy to gig again the night after, supporting Vice Squad.
Then Sharia Law were up, fuckin great as always, but
according to Guy, that was the best show he’s seen them play.
And, you know, he might be right, they were tight as a duck’s ass.
Still love Two Men - He Irons, chaps. If you ever get sick of that
song, i’m nicking it.
FCG follwed, FCG play some real Oi punk, hopefully i’ll
be putting a link to their site on here soon if you wanna find
out more, like what the fuck FCG stands for.
For me, Hacksaw were the band of the night. There is nothing
like seeing Hacksaw play, especially when you’re stood with people
who never have. The expressions are priceless. After they covered the
pub in Bog Roll, Guy asked the most painfully simple, and the
most painful, question, which was ’ How the fuck are we gonna follow
that? ’
Well we must have done something right. It got more than a little
dangerous at times. I dont know what you people are on in Torquay,
but i wish youd share it round a few other places we play.
Luckily, Sharia Law and Tipper from UTR were on hand to save a
few falling speaker cabs, and pick up the odd knocked over mic.

Must say a huge TA to Nik for being mental and putting on the night,
and for getting us all into the club later, and we’ll be in touch
about the tour dude.
And another TA for Giff for being a lunatic landlord, cheers for
the hospitality and the lock in dude.

And another thing, if anyone in Torquay is offered a cheap digital
camera, grab whoever’s selling it, and if they can’t provide an
authentic reciept of purchase, get in touch, and Kev from Sharia Law
will be on his way down. All i can say then is, rather you than me.
For you see, some low life piece of shit made off with Kev’s camera.
The only low point of an otherwise great night.
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