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The Parson’s Nose, Melksham - Fri 19-Dec-2003
And so the Far-Cue wagon rolled into Melksham, for a gig
at The Nose. We’d bugged Rich, the landlord, for a Xmas gig
and thankfully he came through for us.

The best thing about having a new member, if i haven’t mentioned it before, is going to places that were once commonplace to you, and it’s like looking at it through a fresh pair of eyes. Plus, i know Far-Cue have some very dedicated fans in Melksham, and we were all eager to prove that things were just as good, if not better, without Spike.

Thankfully, by the end of the gig, the regulars of The Nose
were telling me much the same.

I don’t know if it was because it was Christmas, or just luck, or that we really did pull in a crowd, but the last time i saw the Nose that busy was on carnival night.
Some new faces, and thankfully all the old too.
Cheers to Dickie, Trigger, and Mark from Severance for
words of encouragement. Hope your voice returns soon Mark,
the next time you play you must let us know dude, Guy really wants to see you.

Mixing old and new stuff, and obviously the xmas stuff, we even premiered a new song, called ’ Something to Say ’.
It’s still in it’s infancy, but it’s a good sign of things to come.
The new album will be called ’ Always a Pleasure, Never a Chore ’, and will hopefully be released sometime in April, since we have studio time booked for late March.

As late in the year as it is, and with so much going on, i can honestly say the Nose gig was one of my favourites this year, even with Glastonbury, so a million thanks to Rich, and all the regulars who give us a warm welcome.

At first, the only plan we had was to do the remaining gigs we had this year. But things change, and so do people’s attitudes and feelings, so i’m pleased to say we have more gigs booked at the Nose next year, as well as the ones listed below in the gig guide.
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