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Vic Bars, Newquay - Sat 13-Dec-2003
Hello boys and girls, hope you all had a good one at the weekend.
We had our share of fun and games too.
Newquay was great, as per usual. We’re actually facing the sad news
that The Vic Bars may close, and cease to be the fantastic place
it is now, thanks to the interference of a brewery.
What is it with people nowadays? Any place thats different, that has
a bit of character about it, has to be shut down and turned into a
fuckin chain pub like Wetherspoons.
I truly hope that The Vic Bars stays like it is now, with framed
posters of Iron Maiden and Motorhead on the wall, and a jukebox to
match, full of independence and fuck the conformity.

The gig started with gremlin after gremlin. Badger had invested in
a new bass drum pedal, that insisted on falling apart at every opportunity.
It tried his patience......in a fit of rage he kicked the drum kit
over in our second to last song. Musicians are tempermental you know.
What’s the excuse for drummers?

Also, Guy had a bass amp that liked to shut itself off for the first
coupla songs, the problem was pinned down to a dodgy two way, so he
was okay for the rest of the gig.

I was fine.......funny that.

So after the gig we hit the town, and went to the Walkabout.
Now, i can only tell you so much of this, discretion is requested, and
will be respected.
Basically, as if to prove he’s a REAL member of Far-Cue, Guy got himself
arrested and spent the night in Newquay nick. We think it was just coz he
didnt wanna pay the b & b, but it might have been genuine.
What is it with this band? Pretty soon we’ll be covering Jail Guitar Doors
and The Prisoner by The Clash.
Damn fascist pigs wouldnt let him out till they had to, and despite Badger
harrassing them on the phone from 3 til 6 in the morning, they were
having none of it.

Anyways, its all done and dusted now. Another piece of Far-Cue history.
So bring on Friday at the Nose, should be a good ’un.

Till next time, take care of yourself, and each other........
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