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Stones Cross, Midsomer Norton - Sat 29-Nov-2003
Really sorry for the lack of updates, had my head planted firmly
up my ass for the last day or so.....

Okay, there’s more gigs now in the merry month of December,
including one we’ve been asking for at the Parson’s in Melksham.
Anyone who emailed me asking why we weren’t playing there over Xmas,
you’d better be in there on the 19th, that’s all i can say.

So the weekend just gone, we had a great time at the Stones Cross
in Midsomer Norton, many many many many many thanks to all those
that saw the light, didn’t see Spunge, and jumped around like a
bunch of loons.......speaking of which, if you go to the Rant On
web site, ( follow the links page ), you’ll see a posting on their
Forum from a bloke called Chris who plays in a band called Valdez.
The poor fucker got half his tooth knocked out of his head, when
the mosh pit action got a little crazy and rammed into him when he
was taking a drink.
He raises an interesting point about assholes seeing a mosh pit as
a license to inflict harm on people, check it out, and post your

Aside from that, Sharia Law celebrated in style, winning new friends
at the Stones, i’m sure they’ll be playing there by themselves
pretty soon, so keep an eye out.

As for ourselves, we’ve chucked in a new song....not one of our own,
more a collection of other people’s we’ve strung together.
It’s working out good, so it’s a keeper, the writing of the new
album proper will start next year....the last few songs we wrote with
Spike will be dropped.....it’s kind of like a wipe-the-slate-clean
kinda thang.

Next up is Newquay, always look forward to that one, plus we’ve
confirmed New Years Eve at the King’s Arms in Yeovil, after they
phoned Badger constantly, day after day until we caved in.
They are persistant, so there you go, one update and your New Year’s
Eve is planned.....
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