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Hope & Anchor, Bridport - Sat 22-Nov-2003
S’funny, ever since we wrote Karaoke, and had the t-shirts printed with the old ’ Get that Fucker... ’ slogan on the back, we’ve had more people than ever grab the mic and try to be Johnny Rotten.
The irony isn’t hard to spot.
Some people get fucked off with this happening, and i can see their point, but i’ve talked about this on here before.
I’m only saying this coz a few people after the gig at Bridport complained about Mad Mick always grabbing the mic.
To those people i say : You tell him....and good luck!

Aside from that, it was great to be back there, felt like ages, had NO trouble with the noise limiter this time....funny that......and saw some familiar faces.

Also, get this; some bloke came up to me as we were setting up, saying he’d travelled down from Birmingham for the gig. Of course i told him to keep taking the pills, he’d be alright.
I mean, we have people from Weymouth and other places closer to Bridport, but Brum?? Hell’s bollocks that’s a long way to go.

Much respect again for Val and Billy and Pete and Pete and Polly and loads more that i cant be arsed to list for making us welcome and having a blast, and i don’t mean the rocket that Mad Mick launched after the gig....that was a beauty though.....shame about the state of Mick’s hand after the launch.
Hopefully we’ll be able to play some more next year.
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