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The Kings Arms, Yeovil - Sat 15-Nov-2003
The gig at the Kings went really well, ta to everyone who turned up......we’ve never seen the place that busy, when it’s just us, the turn out can be pretty poor.

And raise your glass to Sharia Law and Bok Choi, firstly for playing, and secondly for supplying most of the gear, it was all good.

Sharia Law had the sore throat curse, so they went on first and, well, it’s hard for me to say, coz i’m biased. Sharia Law could come on stage, take a dump and walk off and we’d applaud it, so yes, they were great, as ever. See you in Norton on the 29th chaps.

Bok Choi were on odd lot, singing songs about why Harrison Ford is better than Jesus, now thats something you dont hear every day. Given the chance, i’m sure we’ll get them to play some other places with us too, if they’re up for it of course.

We did our usual thing, with some Xmas songs, oh yes, and it was our new bass players first gig proper. He fitted in rather well, the audience thought so too, so if they’re happy, i’m happy, everyone’s happy.

The Kings want us to play there on New Years Eve, can’t see it happening as we would charge an obscene amount of cash for that one, but watch this space anyways......
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