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The Tatnum, Poole - Fri 19-Sep-2003
The Tatnam in Poole. When we rolled up there, we were
impressed at the size of the place, and thought that
it must get pretty damn good in there on a Friday night.
So we parked up and strolled in, and were confronted
A group of 3 people sat round a table.
We went to the bar, introduced ourselves as the band,
and the midget behind the bar asked us where our
crowd was.
Now, call me old fashioned, but i thought the idea of
playing places was to EARN a crowd.
In the sense that, you play once, and 20 or 30 people
are there....you play again, and hopefully most of that
20 or 30 come back with a few mates, and viola, you have
a crowd.
It’s NOT the idea that you bring 100 of your own mates down to a place
to see you play...why should you do that? Just do a gig in
your local and save yourself the petrol.
So we talked to the locals that were in there, who informed
us that it never gets any busier than what it was, and we
should get used to it.
So we did, we played, had as much as a laugh as it was
possible to do, then packed up and get the fudge out of there.
Farewell to the Tatnum, and to Odd Job behind the bar.
Far-Cue shall not return.
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