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The Red Lion, Gillingham - Sat 30-Aug-2003
Saturday night at Gillingham was our first gig for a
good few weeks. We haven’t rehearsed either. In fact,
we’ve been really lazy for some reason, hopefully it’ll
stop, we’re supposed to be writing a new album.

Anyhoo, the support band were a 3 piece called Rachel
Brown....i think.....when i arrived, they were giving
the impression that they hadn’t done this kind of thing
many times previous. You can usually spot bands that
haven’t gigged very much. The signs are usually: Clean,
expensive, just brought out of the box look on the
equipment; Not saying very much to the other bands;
and also, they bring a bunch of friends with them, our
friends got fed up with coming to every gig years ago.
BUT, when they started, even if they weren’t gigged in,
they were still very good. As i commented to Spike, you could
imagine seeing their stuff on MTV2, it had that kind of
feel to it. You really should keep an eye out for them, coz
as their name starts to spread, they should become pretty
damn popular indeed.

So then, time for these 3 idiots to take to the stage, and
yes it did feel weird. Some bands only play once a month,
not even that, so i got an idea how fortunate we are to play
as often as we do. And also, what can happen if you lose momentum.
Of course, Badger splitting his snare skin on the 3rd song
didn’t help anybody’s confidence. And rather than just
saying ’ Shit dude, split my snare skin, i’ll just put a
small piece of gaffer tape over it to sort it out...’, he
insisted on putting his whole hand in the slit, strecthing
it to 3 times the size, and lifting the whole drum up by it.
Now, instead of a small piece of gaffer, 10 or 12 strips were
needed, and it still sounded like a pack of Corn Flakes.

So yes, the audience were cool, we were more rusty than the
Titanic, and lessons were learned. Firstly, it really helps
this band if we rehearse, but mostly, don’t lend support
bands your gear. T’would have been nice if Rachel Brown
had stepped in and said ’ Here, use our snare drum, after all,
we used the rest of your drum kit and your pa....’ but no, by
that time, they’d all toddled off home to bed.
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