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The Bierkeller, Bristol - Thu 11-Sep-2003
Okay, now i have a minute to breathe, i can update
this here web site with all that’s gone down over the
last few days.
First off, the gig was Sham 69 was a blast.
For someone like me, who’s seen a lot of his favourite
bands at the Bierkeller, to finally get my battered
boots on the stage was a big deal, even if no one
else gave a shit.
We were playing with another band called Stud Lisa, who
are a Bristol band that play.......Power Pop.
Don’t know what Power Pop is? Go and see Stud Lisa.
So we took to the stage first, blasted through a short but
sweet set, and, i like to think, did very well. The sound on
stage was nigh on perfect, and when it’s as good as that,
you can have a LOT more fun. It would have been nice to go on
second of course, and have a longer set and played to more people,
but we can’t complain. It was all good.
I must confess to missing most of Stud Lisa’s set, due to
getting pissed and talking to people, some of which i hadn’t
seen in an age ( Mr. Lowe, i’m talking to YOU).
Sham were.......well, they were Sham. Exactly what you’d expect.
By this time, everything was becoming blurry.
We tried to blag a support slot with the Anti-Nowhere League,
who were booked to play the Bierkeller later this month, but
sadly that gig has been cancelled, due to the fact the League
are doing a free show in Bristol two weeks prior to that.
So who the hell is gonna go to a free show, then two weeks
later pay a tenner for the priviledge?
However, watch this space, for a support slot with the original
Psychobilly’s, ’ The Meteors ’ might be on the cards.
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