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The Hobbits, Weston-Super-Mare - Sat 20-Sep-2003
Weston-Super-Mare, and The Hobbits night club.
Our last gig in Weston was a disasterous affair, mainly thanks
to a landlady who negelcted to tell ANYONE that she had a band on
that night.
That was in a pub called The Forresters, a place we’d previously
done very well in.
It’s now a Gay Bar Gay Bar Gay Bar.....
So we needed a new place to play, and thats where Mark from the
Hobbits stepped in.
The Hobbits is basically a place for the freaks of Weston to
congregate and dress freakishly and talk about freakish things
like coursework and what they’re doing on their gap year.
Outrageous innit? Well, it scared me for sure.
Don’t get me wrong though, they were all very nice people who
obviously get the piss ripped out of them if they try to drink
in ’ normal ’ pubs that the trendies and townies of this world
So go to the Hobbits people, and meet like minded ’ individuals ’
that all dress the same.
After the set up and sound check, we went to a bar up the road
called Scally’s, which is a ’ biker friendly ’ pub.
It was a great place, where we met up with some old friends from
the Weston Rock-a-billy Posse, and good it was to see all of them.
At ten o clock the gig started, and the club started to get people
in. The sound on stage was great, and i like to think we made some
new friends. We certainly enjoyed playing, and obviously that
comes across.
After we finished, we had to get everything off stage asap, as the
stage gets removed and becomes a dance floor, where the freaky
people dance to some pretty damn good music.
The likes of Rancid and The Prodigy and Q.O.T.S.A, and yes, even
The Clash at one point, are belted out at a very loud level.
Which is nice.
So we stuck around and drank and chatted and danced.
Big hand for Badger, who had to stay sober while myself and Spike
got rat-arsed. He is a trooper that one.
The less said about Spike’s dancing the better....when Badger gets
his photos developed, you will see our bass player on his back on
the dance floor playing air guitar to The Darkness.
Oh how we laughed.....( sorry dude, had to tell ’em )
We left about two in the morning, and went home, only to return the
next day............

For after our soundcheck on Saturday, we mosied on round to the Winter Gardens,
where they were setting up stuff for the 2nd Annual tattoo convention.
Something we thought we were gonna play, then weren’t. But we
managed to blag the two o clock slot, so we were again.
Walking into the place, it sounded like there was a rather large
swarm of flies looming over head. bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
I don’t have a tattoo personally, i can think of nothing i want
under my skin for the rest of my natural days. But hey, some like
them and i can see why.
I don’t think people knew what to make of us at that place, we
had a great stage set up, The Hyperjax ( psycho-billy ) and Fourway
Kill ( dunno, didn’t hear them ) were playing later on in the day
and had everything set up pucker, plus we had a great sound guy in the
shape of Nesta.
Badger’s throat was ragged after doing 2 in a row, but after a few
glasses of Olive Oil, he could sing again.
Halfway through the show though, he dropped his stick, and it rolled
UNDERNEATH the stage.
So acting like a hedge monkey, he crawled underneath to retrieve it.
Didn’t happen, but the thought was there.
He also got some fresh ink done while we were there, but
i don’t have any pics unfortunately.
Pics of the whole weekend are in the Gallery, more to come, are we good to you or what?
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