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The Kings Arms, Yeovil - Sat 12-Jul-2003
To be honest, Spike was less than keen to play this gig.
Tis true, sometimes its a little......quiet.
So i understood and sympathised, but we were filling in for FDS, and a gigs a gig.
We made the trek, turning up a tad late, to find 8 or 9 people in the bar.....it seems Spike’s fears were well founded, but it was too damn late to run now.
The King’s Arms is now under new management, the last manager, Pete, buggered off with a considerable amount of cash from the till.
Bless him.
So we just got on with it, and thankfully the place did get a few more peeps in once we started playing.
The sound on stage was awesome, can’t vouch for the sound out front, but Dickie, who came along for both gigs, said it was good....which is good.
So this two gigs a day lark is like child’s play, could do it once a week.
Didn’t sweat at all, wasn’t sore in the morning either.
Roll on Ashton Court, and Dickie, hope you enjoyed your insight into the boring, mundane, vapid existence that is being in Far-Cue....hope you learned your lesson.
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