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Cheese and Grain, Frome - Tue 8-Jul-2003
Ok, maybe the first report i did for this gig was a bit harsh.
Basically, it was a skate/bmx competition with music afterwards, a great idea, just a bit sad it wasn’t on a weekend night.
There were three bands, us, Shy, and Blasphemy.
Of course, we felt like the Rolling Stones, not musical legends, more a bunch of old geezers who should have given up long ago.
The best thing was the giant screens that were hanging down from the ceiling, showing the action on stage.
It’s a bit weird watching yourself play on a screen that must have been 20ft tall. It’s like watching a live video that you’re in. Bit of an ego boost tho, like we need one.
Sadly, there was a lack of people there, we were going to advertise this one ourselves but never got round to it.
Shame really, we played well.....for a Tuesday night, and Jon Jon from FDS came over too, now there’s solidarity.
And if anyone out there knows how i can get in touch with a member of Shy, not because they’re gorgeous girlies, more to do with the fact they left their tuner/effects box on stage, and i’d like to give it back to them.
E-mail me if you can help return this lonely Zoom unit to it’s owner.
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