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Gig Report

The Avalon Stage, Glastonbury Festival - Fri 27-Jun-2003
We rolled onto site late Thursday afternoon, got pissed and woke up Friday
morning to the sound of heavy rain beating on the tents.
Must be GlaStonbury....
This was our fourth time, but, and speaking for myself of course, the nerves
were ever present.
Even though we were only the third band on, the stage was already running ten
minutes behind schedule, but because we’re so damn good, by the time we’d set
up ready to go on, we ended up hanging around for five minutes until we
could go on.

Then, a quick look around revealed.....no Badger.
Drummers.....always with the drummers.
A few minutes later, a figure appears, striding up the ramp, clad only in
a top hat, a very long blonde wig, and a Hacksaw thong.
Badger had arrived, and didn’t we know it.

So, for some reason, a lot of people decided to show up.....a hell of a lot
of people as it happens, and if any of you reading this were in that crowd,
Ta very much.

After a ropey start, it all fell into place. Yes, Badger stripped off again,
but to be fair on him, it was only because a deranged punter asked if she
could take a picture of his cock.....she didnt seem to have a zoom lens, so
i hope it came out, but i think the Hubble telescope would be lucky to pick
that up.

After the gig, the only thing left to do was...yep, get pissed.
Which we did.

We also hung out with Captain Sensible, who took 2 CDs and a t shirt from us.
He also came to see us when we played in the back stage bar, truly the man
is insane.
We did an interview for an internet radio station too, when it get’s aired,
there’ll be a warning not to miss it on the site.

With all the screaming and singing and drinking and smoking, Badger appeared
to lose his voice, we hope he’ll be able to sing at the gig this weekend.

Tired and mullered, we headed home on Monday. So much happened, so much
that is incriminating, hence can’t be put on this site, and so much that
is easuly forgotten after 20 pints.

We sincerely hope they let us do it all again next year, but the chances are
slim....one shouldn’t be too greedy.

Still, here’s hoping.....
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