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Warminster Skate Park - Sat 13-Sep-2003
So on Friday, i did a gig with Frenzy at the Ace Cafe in
London.....i had to miss Rancid in Bristol for that.
But like me Murphys, i’m not bitter.
But on Saturday, we played the Warminster Skate Park, for
the second year running.
What happens there is a huge bunch of skaters and bmx-ers,
descend on the Skate Park for a bit of a competition and
general showing off. It’s all good, plus bands get to play
on the band stand.
For a lot of these bands, it’s their first gig.
And yes, sometimes it shows.
Apparently, there is nowhere else for them to play in Warminster.
It almost makes you grateful that we have something called
The Cheese and Grain here, but then again, when i think
how much the Grain won’t let us play, i think again.
Anyhoo, it’s good to see that kids are playing guitars and
trying to be Blink/Sum/Less Than/Green Day/Ataris/Whatever.
And it’s also fun coz for some of those kids there on Saturday,
it was their first beer.....you could tell.
It all makes for a fun day out, of course the pigs came along
at the end, but, don’t get the wrong end of the stick. The pigs
came along because the fuck-wits living close to the park complained
about the noise.....of course, they’d complain a lot more if those
kids were robbing their house, but no.....the kids have an outlet
for their music, and something to concentrate on rather than
vandalising and beating on each other, and STILL the assholes try
to put a stop to it. You gotta love middle class England, it
really is stupid.
So the pigs were cool enough and said they had to come down
because they had the call, but they knew what it was all about
and weren’t gonna do anything.
So now begins our little sea-side jaunts.
Poole and Weston this weekend, and Torquay and Newquay next.
By the way, this tattoo convention, whether its in Weymouth OR
Weston, is cancelled for us, so that’s that.
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