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The Kings Arms, Yeovil - Sat 6-Sep-2003
The King’s Arm’s in Yeovil is a pub that can’t seem to
settle on a landlord/lady. Since we’ve been playing there
we’ve seen a fair few come and go, and with them, the kind
of people that frequent the place too.
It’s also true to say that the turn out for our gigs in
there hasn’t been up to much lately, and rather than
adopting the stiff upper lip and barrelling on through
like you’d expect us to, we were considering knocking
the place on the head and finding somewhere else to play
in Yeovil.
Last night though, proved to be a good one, and it must be
said that most of it was down to Sharia Law, a punk band
from Yeovil that we had the un-enviable task of following.
It’s true to say that they’re the real deal, and NOT, like
their website says, Boy bands with Guitars. Fucking Amen to
Their site is now on the links page, i advise any and all to
check it out.
Far-Cue meanwhile, are itching to play their new stuff, gigging
the same songs every week can get tiresome. It won’t be long
now, three songs are in the bag, they just need polishing.
So next up is Sham 69 at the Bierkeller. Excited? Yes.
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