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The Stones Cross, Midsomer Norton - Sat 12-Jul-2003
The Mardi Gras....the people of Midsomer Norton drink Black Rat and listen to bands all day. Sounds good huh?
When i got there, there was a healthy gathering of people, and a band calle Spitroast was playing.....playing some deep blues baby......damn they had the blues......when they woke up this morning, you can bet pretty much without fear of losing your cash, that they had the blues. I felt sorry for the guy, i mean, his woman left him, the floor needed sweeping AND he’d ran out of whiskey.
No wonder he wanted to sing and tell us all about it.
He was a singing drummer too......so i kept my distance.
Next up were a band called the GetOuts, kicking off with Teenage Kicks, and keeping it punky from there.
The lead singer/guitarist clearly thought he was a punk rock Elvis, with the turned up collar too darlin’.
And oh how the good people of Midsomer Norton were looking forward to it, at least thats what we hoped.
Starting off with Karaoke seemed like a good idea, but the PA was shite, and there wasn’t an engineer to sort it out.
Luckily, a friend from Mind Your Mohican stepped up and cranked the PA.
SO, shaky start, but it was all downhill from there.
We even got a mosh pit going.........which was nice.
A lot of calls for Gay Bar, its becoming popular.
A lot of sweat too, but it was way better than the last time we played....better sound, better audience, better atmos altogether.
Then it was pack up and fuck off, for the gig in Yeovil was calling, and we had to answer..........
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