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The Kings Arms, Yeovil - Sun 4-May-2003
It’s weird how really small gigs can sometimes be way better than really big gigs.

The Kings doesnt usually open on Sundays, and we knew there was gonna be a lack of people there, and there was.
But for some reason, we just had a great time...we played real well, and had a laugh with the audience. I can’t think of a reason to not like it. Of course we had to take things a bit easy, because although i couldnt put it on the gig guide, we had to go straight from this gig to a party in Gillingham, and fill in for FDS. So as much as we’d liked to have stayed and drank and had fun, we had to hustle on.

The party in Gilly was great, it was thrown for a geezer called Griff who was emmigrating to France ( don’t ask me why ), and a send off was in order.
Thankfully the usual suspects were there, those who attend the Eight-Ball gigs put on by Jon Jon and Rory, and some other punky people who know where its at.
So we just did an action replay from the Kings, and it was cool.....near the end, a new band was hastily formed with Jon Jon from FDS on Vocals, Steve from Far-Cue on Guitar, a guy from the audience who hadnt played bass in ten years, and FDS’ stand in drummer......they played Pretty Vacant, So What, Teenage Kicks and Hurry Up Harry.
They got a bigger cheer than Far-Cue.......believe me it was completely out of sympathy.

So we sold out of albums, signed some tits and went home.
Roll on Newquay.
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