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Hope & Anchor, Bridport - Fri 4-Apr-2003
In typical Far-Cue fashion, the first date of the three got off to a crappy start. A puncture just after we set off. Plus we set off late because Steve ran out of petrol on the way home from work ( silly boy ), so we didn’t get to the Hope till quite late. When we get there, we find that due to complaints from the people across the street, the pub has had to fit one of those noise meter things, that shut off the power to the band if they go over a certain number of decibels.

It’s asking for trouble to put us in the same room as one of them. Sure enough, one wack of the snare, pluck of a string and the thing would light up. Time wore on, people were getting arsey because we weren’t playing, not realising we COULDN’T play because we’d be cut off anyways.

Eventually, it was shut off and we managed to play a set.
Now, i’m willing to bet that the Hope & Anchor was there long before the two moaning minnies across the street moved in. So, you tell me, if you move in to a house opposite a pub, wouldn’t you expect violence? Disturbances? NOISE?
If not, then you are as blinkered as they. You’re gonna get that stuff, because humans behave in a strange fashion once they consume enough alcohol.
The Hope & Anchor is a Live Music Pub, and hats off to that, because too many nowadays depend on Karaoke or Djs.
Just because some withered old prick over the road can hear the odd bit of music on a Saturday night, he’s got to ruin everyone’s fun, and if Val the Landlady can’t get it sorted and he persits in his moaning, she’ll have to stop the music, which means her business suffers...maybe to the point of closure. The bands like us who are regulars there won’t be able to go and play anymore and the whole things a fucking mess.

Maybe i should complain to the council about the moaning in this world, see if they can set up some kind of moaning senser that gags any old duffer who hears a pin drop and thinks it’s too loud.

Cheers for the Hope and Anchor for letting the show go on, and stick with it down there.
Cheers for the hospitality as always.
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