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The Wunderbar, Midsomer Norton - Sat 24-May-2003
First off, Paydirt cancelled.....a bereavement in the family or summit...did i spell bereavement right?
Anyways, there was that, and something else they said, so it would be just us.
Bleedin’ good job Badger could do the gig then wasn’t it?

Arriving late, in the usual Far-Cue fashion, there were the usual suspects there, and a crowd of nice people......awwwwww.

Far-Cue, being who they are, had decided that having peddled the same old set for Gawd knows how long, they would chop and change things about, playing some songs that hardly ever get an airing live.

Good idea huh?......nnnnnnno, not really....for you see, Far-Cue hadb’t played live in about 3 weeks, we were as rusty as a very rusty thing, that had been left outside and exposed to the elements for a few years......

So, to say we took a while to get going is a bit of an understatement.
The idea you see, was to plug the new album. Yep, the NEW ALBUM...the one thats for sale on this very site for the pittance price of a tenner.
Songs Written In Our Spare Time it’s called. It’s cool. We love it anyway. And we’ve had other people say they love it too......yep, that new album of ours is a must have.
No question....your CD rack is a duller place without it.

Pleased to report we got back up to speed after a while, and after some mad people shouting for Bananas (!!??!?!?!?) again, we ended on a good one.

Never playing there again tho.........

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