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Stones Cross - Sat 19-Apr-2003
We didn’t know it, but down the road at The Wunderbar, Paydirt and Baysix were playing the same time as us.
So it was old school versus new school, and those with any sense were at the Stones Cross, coz i’m willing to bet they’d have had a far better time.

After an initial debate about who should headline, we managed to convince Hacksaw that it is THEY who should do it. It was, after all, George’s birthday, and Hacksaw’s gig in the first place......makes sense dunnit?

It’d been a while since we’d played....hadn’t even rehearsed for 3 weeks or so. I know it’s hard to tell with us either way, being rough as old boots.

Thankfully it was a short set, in fact the next few gigs are gonna be short sets, we’re either supporting or being supported. Short sets are cool, enough time to only play your good stuff, and enough time to get pissed, before or after.

So after us, Hacksaw went on and were great. We presented George with his birthday present, a copy of Just 17, and some rag mag with a free make up bag. Plus some Farleys Rusks and juice of some description.

Never did ask how old the man was, or if i did, i’ve forgotten.
Hacksaw played a blinder, roll on May 2nd at The Nose.

After the gig, we thought we’d mosey on down to the Wunderbar and see if we could catch up with Paydirt. First we stopped off at the Legion next door. They were cool people for sure....you never know, they may give us a gig (!).

After the Legion, we headed for the Wunderbar, but they didnt wanna know us in there. In fact, the ’ landlord ’ if thats what he is, blanked us completely. Odd fellow, apparently he’s a frustrated musician. Aren’t we all?
As we left, some jokers were fucking about with the beer barrels at the back, looked like they were planning something.

There was talk of us going to Moonjuice, but looking at the gimps, shirts and slappers hanging about the place, it wasn’t for us. So we got some grub, and attempted the impossible: Getting a taxi in Midsomer Norton.
I don’t think they’ve grasped the idea that to make money, they need to pick people up......i know it’s tricky, but they’ll get the gist of it soon.

SO, what to do? Freezing fucking cold, no way home, and no alcohol. We did the only thing you could do. Waited for Badger to feel sober enough to drive.
And we made it home shortly after one o clock.

We should have the pics up soon, cheers to Dickie and the geezers from Melksham for making the trip over. I won’t mention how much the taxi cost dudes, but it is a shocking figure. Cheers also to Phil from the Stones for packing the gear up.
And of course, thanks to Hacksaw for letting us support them.
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