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The Kings Arms, Yeovil - Sat 1-Mar-2003
So what is it with the people of Yeovil?

We hadn’t played the Kings Arms in many a moon, mainly because it got smashed to pieces not long ago, and has just got itself back together again.

But i ask the above, because it was one of those gigs, those annoying fucking gigs where the audience don’t clap, don’t cheer, don’t show any encouragement whatsoever, until the last coupla songs, then they shout, cheer, clap, go mad, jump around and treat you like the Beatles.

Do you people all get together before hand, and agree to only start applauding at a certain song? If so, let us know which song it is and we’ll play it first.

Despite this, the band really enjoyed themselves, the sound on stage was great, we brought in a huge PA for this one, and the vocals were audible for once. Is this a good thing?

The Kings is trying its best to get established as a music venue, and it could be a really good one. Bikers and Nutters and all. If you’re in a band, The Kings are looking for them, so get in touch with Pete and see what you can do. Don’t forget to say Far-Cue sent you, then we can get the blame for your crappiness.
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