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The Brewhouse, Stokes Croft, Bristol - Sun 6-Apr-2003
The journey from Newquay to Bristol was a bitch....long fucking way, especially when you’ve got two other people for company that you’ve had in your face for the last 40 hours....good job we had Iron Maiden for company.

We arrived at The Croft just in time to see Baysix clearing their stuff from the stage......bummer.........but luckily, Hacksaw were just coming on. Excellent as always, they had the most people there for their set by my reckoning, and rightly so too.

We also caught The Setbacks, Jelly Belly, the fucking excellent Eastfield, and the how-good-can-one-band-possibly-be, Chemical Reaction. Someone oughta sign those boys up and quick about it.

By Christ it was hot in there, the gear was sweating for fucks sake, but we played pretty damn good considering we were burnt out. There wasn’t much of a crowd left when we went on, but i’d rather play to 10 people that are digging it, than to a 100 people who are indifferent.
Chemical Reaction, Hacksaw and Eastfield hung around for our set.....a lot of the other bands didn’t.
Now, i’m not claiming we’re punk rock royalty, far from it, but surely there should be a little camararderie there, if thats how its spelt.....i mean, we’re in this together chaps. We should respect each other, unless you’re really crap, and encourage each other while we’re at it.
Get other bands gigs with you, give them contact names etc, you’ll never have the monopoly so why keep things secret?

This is just one guy’s opinion of course, but i think any level headed individual would agree. Plus, it’s good to see a band that blows your head off, it keeps you on your toes, so you can see what people are getting off on. If you bury your head in your own little band world, you miss things you may wish you hadn’t.....every guitarist can learn something from another guitarist, and the same applies for other members of the band too.

But hats off to Hacksaw for putting on an event that on paper seemed suicidal. It was a great laugh, and the best end to our weekend i can think of.

And going back to work on Monday REALLY sucked, reality hits you like a bucket of ice cold water, and i’d trade my left gonad to be back in a smelly van, with two crusty punks, heading God knows where to play toilet spoof pop punk to whoever wants to listen.
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