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The Parsons Nose, Melksham - Fri 7-Feb-2003
This one was short notice. So it came as no surprise to find only about 10 people in the bar when we walked in at half eight.

Thankfully there was a friendly face there....Dickie, you da man. And it was cool you dragged your other half out for a Far-Cue experience too.

We planned the first part of the set to be all new stuff. Some of the songs were being aired for the first time, so we were nervous and sketchy. Thankfully they came off quite well, a few niggles, but only stuff the band could tell really.

We finally got round to writing a song about other people stealing our songs, and this seemed to go down very well. For those who care, it’s called ’ Punking C ( Up Yours ) ’.

The thing with the Nose is that on Fridays it has a late license, so people start to come in close to 11 so they can get their late drinks in, the buggers. So by the end of the gig it was nicely packed, and although Iggy from Babyfood turned up, he buggered off before we had the chance to play him the song that he inspired. We’ll get you next time Iggy.

And Dickie, were they your underpants that got thrown at Badger? Shed some light on the situation so i can tell the hospital what to inject him with.

Cheers to yourself and Neil and Trigger for drumming up some support, much appreciated. Unless there’s another spot o fill, we’ll see you again on May 2nd, new album in tow.
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