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The Parsons Nose, Melksham - Fri 2-May-2003
How many frickin times do we have to play a place, before they realise it’s Far-Cue, not Far-Que for chrissakes.
If we had a penny for every time they cocked it up, we wouldnt need to get paid for the gig.

Anyway, with this gig, we brought Hacksaw with us, and we hope the good people of Melksham enjoyed them, you sure look like you did, once you got over the initial shock.

We warned you you’d enjoy it.....they played a blinder, ending with Bog Roll, which is always good for a laugh, especially the skinhead who shoved some down his arse crack and ran round the pub, good on him.

We played the same old crap to you lot again, but you still seemed to love it....i promise there’ll be some new stuff soon.
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