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Vic Bars, Newquay - Sat 5-Apr-2003
It’s a ritual at the Hope to start the day with a hearty breakfast, and Saturday was no exception....but Badger must learn not to lean back on patio chairs, as the backs are only made of plastic after all, and may snap under pressure.....
And so on to Newquay....a glorious day to travel with a hangover if ever there was one....but first, a little flutter on the ponies in the National.
A few choice tips from Steve’s brother and the band had a tenner a piece on 3 nags with a fighting chance. It would be a fantastic addition to the weekend to scoop some bread on the gee gee’s.
We got to the Vic Bars just in time to see our 3 horses fall one after the other, so let this be a lesson to you kids, DON’T GAMBLE....it’s a mug’s game.

Newquay seems to be thriving as if it was the holiday season, people everywhere, which can only be a good thing if you’re in a struggling punk pop band.
Despite teething problems with the PA, we got set up and kicked off. Familiar faces turned up, and that means you’re doing something right, and it was a great gig. Lotsa banter and drinking.....we even extended the intro to Cunt In The Mirror so Badger could get some beers from the bar.

After the gig it was time to party, so we went to the nearest club, blagged our way in by saying that Big Dave from The Vic Bars sent us, and boogied to some Euro-Cheese.
There is photographic evidence of this heinous crime, and they will be up in the Gallery shortly.
Then it was on to The Walkabout, where the bouncers are equally friendly, and they were STILL playing MC Hammer, which Badger had to dance to.

We were told that if we still wanted beer after the place shut at two ( what a daft question ) then we were to go to this Surf Hostel type thing.....we eventually found the place and managed to get in, but were confronted by 3 stoned ’dudes’ giving it the attitude.
It’s hard to take people seriously when they look like Fred Durst doing an impression of Patrick Swayze in Point Break.

Defeated, we went back to our B & B and while Steve crashed out, Badger and Spike spent the rest of the night shooting cars from the B & B window.
Yes, Badger bought another air rifle.
Well, there IS a war on after all.

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