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Vic Bars, Newquay - Sat 25-Jan-2003
Newquay...it’s a good 3 hour trip. And that can get boring. So by the time we got close to the place, we were in no mood for levity. So whilst powering down the road at 90 mils an hour, what we DIDN’T need was for some twat in a red Peugeot to pull out of a junction straight in front of us.

Thankfully we could go round him and trim on, otherwise we’d never had been able to stop. But we couldn’t just let it go, so Badger gave him a few hand signals and shouted a lot, and we carried on.....further on up the road, this Peugeot overtakes us, so Badger gives him some main beam and some more hand signals. From where we were sitting it looked like two birds in the car, the driver with long blonde hair, and a passenger with long dark hair.

When they was met with the full power of the battle bus’ main beam, the driver gave us the bird....charming huh?
Even further up the road, we got to a roundabout, our nemesis in the Peugeot took the right lane, and we took the left, whilst going over the roundabout, Badger winds down his window and lets rip....the driver ( who we now realise is a bloke ) responds with some choice words of his own, so Badger lets him know he’s ready ’ Any Time!!! ’.

The guy cuts us up so we give him some more main beam, and he gives us another middle finger.....we check to see if the wheel brace is under Badger’s seat in case things get ugly....and it is. Eventually they turn off and we carry on to Newquay and the gig.

And it was a cool gig, not exactly heaving with people, but i like to think we saw a few faces who had seen us before, and we also made some new friends. About halfway through Drinking and Driving, Badger says over the mic, ’ Steve! It’s that geezer! ’....and i look up, and sure enough, the same bloke with long blonde hair, and a missus with long black hair is stood there, beer in hand, flipping that by now famous middle finger with a huge smile on his face.

Who’d have thought it? After we finish the song, and finished laughing, Badger gets down from the stage and hugs the bloke, it’s all flowery and lovely for a while there.
Spooky coincidence huh?

After the gig, we hit the town....it was great....i think. Woke up with a hangover if thats anything to judge it by. There will be photographs coming in the gallery of the debauchery that went on that night, and plenty of them seeing as there were 3 cameras snapping away.

The next day we went shopping, went back to Puff Edz, ( see Links ), and this time Badger bought a dead scorpion, and from the gun shop, an Uzi replica. Watch out all you Boy Racers....

Must say cheers very much to Pete and Polly for coming from Bridport, and also Mick and Abbi for coming from Weymouth. Cheers to Big Dave for putting us on, and sitting there to check us out....see you again on April the 5th.
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