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Hope & Anchor, Bridport - Sat 11-Jan-2003
Ahh the first gig of the year, and about time too...plus we had a few new songs to hit the good people of Bridport with and see if they went down okay.

Upon arrival, the first job was to check out the function room of the Hope and Anchor, as we’d never played in there before.

It didn’t look good.....the ’ stage ’ was constructed from 3 or 4 pallets, with pieces of wood placed across, so the legs of the drum kit wouldn’t go through.

As soon as you set foot on it, it looked as though there was some seismic activity in the area...not good, especially when you play the drums in the manner that Badger does.

Plus it looked like the room would be full if you put 20 people in there, which is good in a way, but the whole point of playing in the function room, was that the people wouldn’t be in our faces and falling into the PA stands.

We were also concerned, because people, being people, don’t like change....it may sound dumb, but it was quite possible that they wouldn’t walk the extra few feet up the stairs to come and watch us. Indeed, a few people had complained about it before we played......want everything on a fuckin plate some people.

So we started playing.....and it was horrible....it felt like an audition...silence after the song, the audience, and the band felt uncomfortable.

There was only one cure.......alcohol. Once the booze started flowing, things started looking up.

And by the end, when 500 miles kicked in, the place was jumping.....a little too jumping it seems. The function room is above the pool room in the Hope, and apparently the light fixtures were swinging on the ceiling from the music and dancing above.

Scary stuff.

After the gig it was Kebabs all round, and then we had to sleep on the floor of the function room.
The same floor you good people had spilled beer on and stubbed your fags out on....cheers for that.

The next day we said our goodbyes and decided it would be a good idea to drive to Yeovil and blag a gig. So we drove the looonnng way to Yeovil, only to find out the pub we usually play in was shut.

SO, we’d heard from a friend of Badger, that in a certain alley way in Melksham, some cool person had sprayed FAR-CUE on a wall in HUGE letters.

This we had to see....possible album cover we thought.

When we got there, it turned out to be the top of an old A4 poster we had put up ourselves.
You’ve never seen a band deflate so fast.
Home then, just in time to get to the pub.

So that was that, check out the Gallery for some pics from the night, and cheers to Pete, Pete Jr, Polly, Billy and Val for their hospitality, roadie-ing skills and general good humour.....next time in the bar huh?

Hope to see you in Newquay chaps....
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