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Duke Of York, Bristol - Sat 14-Dec-2002
None of us felt like doing this one....the after effects of too much alcohol and not enough sleep were getting to us all.....except for Spike, who just wanted to stay home and play with his new X-Box.....

The line up was Da Capo, Bomb Blast Men, and us, the idea being that each band got about 30mins except for us who got a bit more for headlining.

If you’ve never been to the Duke Of York, it’s a pretty cool place that just happens to be in the middle of a shit hole....the bands play in a function room upstairs.

So the usual suspects started coming in, and we found ourselves having a drink with Chaos, from Chaos UK....which was nice....and for anyone who’s a fan of the band, they are gonna start doing stuff again in February....apparently.

Da Capo kicked off, and they were pretty damn good,except for the feedback problems they were having, all of which stemmed from the PA....which was ours.
Now, i can admit that we don’t possess the best PA in the world, but boys, let me give you a hint: If the microphones are in front of the speaker cabs, they feed back.
It really is as simple as that.
So things were going well, a lot of the audience were already bouncing along, which is wicked since Da Capo were the first band on.....until the drummer split Badger’s bass drum skin.

I don’t know of any drummer that carries around a spare bass drum.....

So the promoter, Spam, found someone with a spare skin and set off to find it....in Bedminster....there was a delay of maybe an hour before they came back with the bass drum skin, and people were asking what the hell was occuring.
And rightly so.

By the time the skin was fitted and the Bomb Blast Men took to the stage it was half ten...the Duke Of York have a strict policy on music nights....FINISHED BY ELEVEN!!!! or else....so theres two bands left to play, and half an hour to squeeze it all in.

In the end, being the lovely chaps that we are, we said the Bomb Blast Men could headline and we’ll just sit this one out, even though it was all our gear everyone was using.
Spam agreed to pay us anyway and apologised...what the hell we thought, fuck all we can do about it.

Then help came in the form of whoever runs the Duke, who said that we can in fact play till quarter past eleven, so when the B B Men came off, we just legged it on, used the same set up as them, and blasted out 5 songs in what seemed like as many minutes.....and you know what? What was worse of all, was that everyone was fuckin mad for it.
Maybe it was the delay, maybe it was the beer, there’s an outside chance that they even like the band and came to see us, but we shan’t get carried away.....the sad truth is, those 5 songs gave us a taste of how glorious it could have been.....

Far-Cue would love to crack Bristol, we’ve tried doing gigs there in the past and failed miserably.
Here’s hoping that we can play there again, with a full set and intact equipment.....coz you never know, we may even build up a following.

Cheers to Spam for putting us on, know it wasn’t your fault dude, cheers to Pig for keeping spirits up....
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