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Armoury Hall, Gloucester - Sat 30-Nov-2002

There was a line in a film, and it was later sampled by Ministry on their ’ Pslam 69 ’ album, that went ’ Never trust a junkie...’ Well, trust us, never trust a fuckin crusty, nevermind Junkies.

The gig wasn’t acutally in Gloucester, it was in a town/ village type thing close to it called Newnham. We were filling in for a band called Disruptive Element that pulled out because the guitar player’s father’s cousin’s sister’s brother’s former room mate had an ingrowing toe-nail......
or summit like that.

Either way, there was us, The Skavengers, and Turbo Wanker.
Turbo Wanker had done the hall out really cool, they used what appeared to be a parachute for a tank, or some kind of heavy equipment used by the military,to go around the hall, got some lights on the go and some cool ska tunes and Bob’s your Dad’s brother.

Turbo Wanker played first, for those who don’t know, they’re kind of a Crass style Punk band, completely mental and well worth a look if they play anywhere near you, and the lead singer, Dom, was more than generous with his beer last night, cheers dude.

Then came The Skavengers, they were supposed to headline but turned it down and gave it to us, but don’t think this was a move out of respect.....

Once upon a time, there was a little something called the Frome Festival...it was almost like a mini Glastonbury.
It was cool as fuck, the last year they had it, there was some really cool bands playing and a good time was had by all, except on the last night, when a group of kids heading home from the festival were killed in a car accident.
There were no more Frome Festivals after that.
BUT, the point to the story is that one year, Far-Cue were asked to headline one of the smaller stages, and we hadn’t been going for very long so were chuffed to bits about it.
Until the other bands on that stage ALL went over their running time, by the time Far-Cue got on stage, we had about 10mins to play.....
bad stage management + the selfishness of other bands=
the headlining act getting stiffed.
SO, don’t be afraid kids, if you’re on first, at least you get the alloted time....

The Skavengers did kind of run a bit over, don’t think there’s any nastiness involved, Steve had a good talk to the keyboard player from the Skavengers afterwards and he admitted that they tend to fuck about for a while before they play.......there is 8 of them for Chrisakes..

The conclusion is that Far-Cue had to ’Ramones’ their way thru a long set, and they did, by the end all the crusties were doing their crusty dance, and the band were loving it too. Fuck me it was loud though.

By half midnight the time came to leave, and some crusty cunt had made off with Steve’s hooded top, okay, it was just an item of clothing, but it sums up the Crusty mentality....whats yours is mine, whats mine,i scrounge off the state.....and if you talk to any of them, they want to ’Bring down the state’....so whos gonna pay for your cider and Dog on a Rope asshole?.......duuuhhhhh.....

There is no solidarity when it comes to Crusties, they’re all out for themselves....people think that Scallies are the problem at Glastonbury.....WRONG....it’s crusties.
People think that Gypsies are to blame for a lot of theft........WRONG....it’s crusties.....

Cheers to Spike from Turbo Wanker for doing the gig, we had a good one, cheers to the majority of the audience, you were top notch, think of Badger, who got home at 3 and had to be at work for 8.....what a nutter....

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