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The Parsons Nose, Melksham - Tue 31-Dec-2002
There’s only one certainty in life: nothing is certain. We had all the ingredients for a cracking night, but something just didn’t click.

Sure we had PA trouble, the poor thing is worn out from a year and half gigging, it gets used twice a week, and fallen into by pissed up punters way too many times for our liking.

But i digress....we DID have a busy pub, nothing like carnival night at the Nose, which was INSANE, but busy enough. And it’s always good to hear people singing lyrics back at you....you mad fuckers really do listen to our stuff don’t you?

Maybe in our heads we’d built it up to be something it couldn’t possibly be, so we were always gonna be disappointed. But let’s not get down here. Fun was had. No question. Lessons were learned:

1) Keep Badger off the Goldschlager
2) NEVER try and play an entire song with a cigar in your mouth
3) Be wary of men in drag
4) Book a reliable taxi service
5) Don’t let Iggy from Babyfood listen to your songs coz he’ll steal them

You were noticeable by your absence Iggy. We wanna hear this song that bears a remarkable similarity to one of ours, and beware....we’ll be settling this on Judge Judy, mark my words.

So we’re not down about the gig, The Nose is a great place to play, and the people in it, excluding a few oddballs of course, are cool. We will be back there in the near future, and will no doubt see some of the Nose crew in Midsomer Norton.....careful in those toilets Dickie.

Many many thanks to Rich and his staff, for hospitality above and beyond the call of duty.
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