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Hope & Anchor, Bridport - Sat 28-Sep-2002

We always look forward to the gigs in Bridport, and Saturday was no exception.
However, as a member of Far-Cue you must be prepared to stomach nutters at your gigs....and this time the nutters were out in full force.

So much so that the band had to stop the gig before the end for the sake of both their own personal safety, and, more importantly, the safety of the gear....Steve’s amp had already been knocked to the ground, at least 5 pints were wasted, either by accident or by persons being caught up in the music, but the clincher came when one of the PA cabs was knocked down and broken.....you can only take so much.

After the gig, we happened to meet a large chap with a voice like the guy from Pantera, who claimed to be a vampire......like i said, the nutters were out, he maintained he was 246 years old and would live forever,
unless of course some Van Helsing type character were to end his days.Those of you who know Spike, would know that he doesn’t take kindly to bullshit, especially when pissed, so he proceeded to rip the piss out of this bloke....this huge bloke, with real fangs in his mouth.....until the bloke left, and bid farewell to Spike with the words ’Drink you later......’

Thanks to all the good people at the Hope and Anchor in Bridport, sorry for any damage, next time we’ll get Pete’s security team in for protection from the mad punters, and some garlic in for protection from the creatures of the night.....
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