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The Stones Cross, Midsomer Norton - Thu 19-Sep-2002
So.....the Battle Of The Bands at Stones Cross, Midsomer Norton.
5 Bands had to play, and only 3 could go through to the final, being held on Friday 20th September....bands were judged on Presentation, Originality, Enthusiasm, and Musical Ability.
Which is all fine and good, but we’d like to know how the judges that were sat in the lounge, IN A DIFFERENT PART OF THE BUILDING, could hope to remark on any of these factors, seeing as all they heard was a dull noise through the wall........these backwater towns huh?

We had the pleasure of being the last band on, stormed through 13 songs in half an hour, and, along with Submatrix and another band i can’t remember, got through to the final.

HOORAH!!! I hear you shout....well it would be, except our bass player, Spike, has certain commitments tonight which means we can’t make the final.......

Would Far-Cue have triumphed against the menace of the Shed Seven wannabes that were the other two ’bands’?
We’ll never know.......

Thanks anyway to Stones Cross and all the people who attended, may the best Indie band win, thanks also to the judges who wrote some very kind remarks, and gave us some good scores......bollox to the judge who gave us a zero for originality.....what does he know huh?
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