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The Portman Arms , East Chinnock - Thu 17-Oct-2002
Never a very rowdy affair, The Portman Arms is a nice mellow gig.And sometimes, that’s a lot more fun.
Originally the gig was arranged to help Barbara and Gary celebrate two years of being at the pub, but due to a family bereavement earlier in the week,it was kept as a low key affair.

It was good to see the usual suspects in the corner again, thanks for your support chaps, we’ll have some more t-shirts next time, we promise.

For the first date of three, it was a great way to start, but sadly, the journey home was not a good one....

Just outside Crewkerne, the battery light appeared on the dash, and after a quick pull-over and inspection,we discovered we had a snapped fan belt.....and no spare.
We soldiered on for a while, knocking the van into neutral whenever we could to cool the engine down and for a while there it all looked good, until we got to Shepton Mallet and we lost all power......the only thing going (thankfully) was the engine.
Luckily, as well as it being freezing cold outside, the moon was nearly full, and it was with the light of the moon that we managed to steer our way home.
Badger deserves a medal for driving 50 mph down country lanes with no vision, but then, if journeys to and from gigs get boring, he’s been known to turn off the lights for a laugh anyway....and if its raining, the windscreen wipers too.

Thanks to Barb and Gary for their hospitality and for the Tequila and whatever the hell that clear liquid was he gave us to drink at the end.....had a kick like a mule and made Steve late for work in the morning, cheers, dude.....
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