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Legends Night Club, Gillingham - Thu 26-Dec-2002
Gawd bless FDS....i’m sure that in your home town, wherever you are, there’s a club where all the trendy, shirt, slacks and Brut wearing idiots go to chat up girls half their age, who are more impressed by the size of a guys speakers in his car than the size of his dick.

Then imagine taking over that club for a night and putting on 4 punk bands.....pretty gutsy, i wouldn’t do it in the club in our town.

But FDS would. And did. Originally there were 4 bands, Roundhouse from Salisbury, cancelled, claiming they all had flu or something......flu? Sounds like an excuse your Mum would think up, we’ve done gigs where Badger played with a broken arm and the best they can come out with is flu?


But Bonesofa did play....apparently they don’t like to be called metal...but as i sit here i can’t think of another word to describe them....the lead singer came on stage dressed like one of the Polyphonic Spree..very bizarre.

Then it was the turn of yours truly, there was a very weird stage set up, with Steve and Spike at the bottom of a small set of stairs and Badger at the top and over on the right.
With me? Thought not.
Anyhoo, it was odd.....and the first song was even odder, for the bass player from Bonesofa allowed Spike to use his rig, which looked like it had been stolen from the starship Enterprise....how many lights?

The result being that there was a half second delay on the bass, some kind of effect that Spike had no clue how to turn off, and the first song, Too Much, has a few stops, so we’d all stop and there’d be a bass note where there was supposed to be a gap.....Fuck it, they applauded anyway.

We did okay and, of course, the set was dedicated to Joe Strummer, just like the New Years eve one will be.

And fittingly, FDS started their set with Janie Jones, an inspired choice. FDS, for those that don’t know, are a punk covers band who have been having it large longer than us. And thats saying something. We plan to drag them to Frome to play the Punx night out with us in the near future, and you really don’t wanna miss it.....to top it all, they’re a splendid bunch of chaps to boot.

They rattled through songs such as So What?, Holiday in Cambodia, and At The Edge. And if you need me to tell you who did those songs.....you should get out more.

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