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Cheese & Grain, Frome - Fri 13-Dec-2002
At last, we get to play the mighty Cheese and Grain!!!! But let me assure you it wasn’t down to the people who actually run the place, we were asked to do it by The Selecter.

Now then, gigs tend to work like this: You find a place to play, agree a date, ADVERTISE, then turn up and play.
Heres how the Cheese and Grain gig went: We got given a place to play, agreed a date, then turned up and played.

Notice what’s missing? I know a few psychos, but no real psychics....how the fudge are people supposed to turn up and see bands if they don’t know they’re playing? Usually, we advertise ourselves, but didn’t think there’d be a need on this one, what with the C & G having so many adverts around town and in the papers and the like....sadly, this gig just seemed to be ignored, i had at least 7 or 8 people tell me they didnt even realise the thing was happening until that night...

SO, when Far-Cue had to go on at 9 o clock, the place was hardly what you’d call kicking....but you’re on the web site of a band who have played to one man and his dog....on a rope.....and still enjoyed doing it. If us 3 have fun, then it was a good gig.......so fuck you.

And have fun we did....a short but sweet set and hopefully we made some new friends.....we certainly did well on the merchandise side of things so we must have done sometihng right.

The Selecter were great anyway, so cheers for them for putting us on, cheers to Mick and Abbey from Weymouth and Pete and Pete from Bridport for coming along, thats dedication beyond the call of duty, hope you all had a good one....
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