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WI Hall, Bridport - Sat 23-Nov-2002
In truth, the band were....apprehensive about playing this gig....we knew we could pack em in at the Hope and Anchor, but asking people to go somewhere they usually wouldn’t, then charge those same people to see something they usually see for free........we just didn’t expect very much.

How wrong we were.....the lovely, LOVELY people came out to help us celebrate Pete’s 50th, and it was a great night.

Once the sound problems got sorted ( fucking cheap PAs ) we were free to enjoy ourselves, AND start throwing in the xmas numbers.....dont you just LOVE them? We do.

And so should you, it may be one of the most depressing songs in the whole world EVER, but you can’t help singing along to Lonely this Xmas now can you?

Thankfully there were no vampires this time, so Spike didnt have to wear his specially prepared scarf made from cast iron.

A big thanks to everyone who was there, Val and Billy and everyone at the Hope & Anchor for their hospitality, (they’re just too damn good to us), and we hope to see you all again soon....hope you’re still celebrating your birthday Pete!! Go on my son, another ale, you know you want to....

Sorry this report is a little short, Badger and Steve have just returned from a Status Quo show....laugh if you want, but those boys FUCKIN ROCKED!!!!!!
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