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The Stones Cross, Midsomer Norton - Sat 9-Nov-2002
The first gig for two weeks, and lets just say the band were not in the best of moods. Badger had gone out the night before and got completely......well, Badgered.
Badgered is a phrase used by the band when you are totally off your tits and unable to perform basic motor skills and blabber shit all night.
Spike and Steve were pissed off with some news they had that day, and though the news isn’t personal, it can’t be put up here......if you’re really curious, e-mail Steve and he’ll tell you, or ask us at a gig and we’ll be sure to spill.....

Upon walking into Stones Cross, we were met with an empty pub, this was somewhat alarming, as its usually at least half full. Thankfully the Melksham lot were true to their word and showed up ( cheerz dudes, hope you enjoyed it ), they crammed 8 of their posse into an Astra and made the journey, how cool is that? Then the regulars started turning up, and the place looked comfortable. It’s good to see some kids in there as well, jumping around and having fun,stops them listening to Limp Wristed if nothing else.

By the way, the van is well and truly dead, needs a new engine, fuckin thing only lasted two gigs, if anyone hears of a cheap van going begging,we’re the band to offer it to.

The set for the evening featured some songs we hadn’t played for a while and it was all the better for it, after a few songs people were jumping around, and believe me, its just what the band needed, Badger even perked up after a while.....or maybe it was the hair of the dog that did it.

I’m pleased to report that Stones Cross have offered us another six gigs for next year, so keep an eye out.

Next stop Bridport......anyone got a van they could lend us?
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