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The Vic Bars, Newquay - Sat 19-Oct-2002
Its a 4 hour trip to Newquay, so you kinda really wanna make sure the gigs are good ones.
With a new fan belt fitted, the van did us proud getting us down there, and the people of Newquay did us proud showing up and supporting us.
As did Pete and Poll and Pete Jr from Bridport,the swines gave us one big surprise by being seated at the bar supping ale when we walked in, good to see you there dudes, nice one.

So all the gear was set up fine and a set list was written and half nine rolled around, time to play....
Guitars strapped on, drum sticks broken down to the right length, everythng hunky dory...until Steve attempted to turn his mic on and had the bigggest electric shock of his life...it was so bad it tripped the powerbreaker on the wall.
Initial shock (!) over,the band began playing and did very well, until the end of 5-out when Steve got ANOTHER shock that AGAIN tripped the powerbreaker......it seemed to be okay once the guitar lead was changed, so lets hear it for WHIRLWIND GUITAR LEADS, they have a lifetime gaurantee apparently, but thats only because they’ll kill you first and then you won’t be able to claim on it.

The only disappointment in the gig was the heckling, can’t the people of Newquay come up with something more interesting than ’ You’re shit! ’? THINK PEOPLE!! Its like a blind man on a nudist beach = not hard.

After the gig the band took to the clubs and, without wishing to diss Newquay here coz it is a nice place, the clubs and atmosphere and people are SHIT off season.
It was about as much fun as a kidney infection.

In the morning, after a brief shop where Badger invested in a very nice ( and powerful ) air rifle with a laser sight, the band headed home...its hard to keep spirits up for 4 hours travelling, so there was stops for food and drink.........as you do.
It was at one of these stops that a few spots of oil were noted leaking from the van.....well.......when we say a few spots, we mean more of a downpour......it took 12 litres of oil to make it home.......the band have come to the conclusion that there is a problem somewhere.......

Also, whilst stopping to purchase more oil, maybe it wasn’t such a good idea for Badger to get out his new gun and start cocking it outside a petrol station, they may have got the wrong idea.......

There are 5 or 6 more bookings up to now at the Vic Bars so we hope to see you there, its a great place and a fabulous music venue so SUPPORT IT!!!!!

Cheers to Big Dave and all the staff at the Vic Bars, and to the Wildhearts fan who always talks to Steve, and to Pete and Pete and Polly for making the journey, much appreciated......
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