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The Wunderbar, Midsomer Norton - Fri 11-Oct-2002
Far-Cue have a history of not doing very well at The Wunderbar....it is a student kinda place after all, and if there’s one thing Badger hates more than American Punk, it’s ’ Bloody Students ’. The fact that it was pissing down didn’t help the band’s spirits as they drove to Midsomer Norton, the new Snuff album blaring away.....
But pissed off faces soon turned to big smiley ones when the place turned out to be, if not quite full, at least getting there....and Charlie and Chez turned up too, which always makes us happy.
Half way through the show, to the bands surprise, the audience had swelled in numbers and most seemed to be loving it. At last! A triumphant show in The Wunderbar!!
A coupla encores later and that was it, finished and happy.
Then the Wunderbar go and spoil it all by paying the band 60 quid when the going rate for anywhere is 150....for two solid hours thats a good price.....now, lets not get bogged down in this whole financial ’ nest-of-vipers ’.
Lets just say that NEVER AGAIN will the band play at a place that won’t pay performers what they EARN....and deserve.To write, or learn, a set of songs and then go and play them to a room full of nutters isn’t something everyone can do, and while we’re not ’bigging ourselves up’ here, we just want a fair deal.......thats the moaning over.
Cheers to the crowd at The Wunderbar, you were solid, and if it IS our last show there, at least we can say, we went out on a high note....
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