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The Parsons Nose, Melksham - Fri 4-Oct-2002
Ah, The Chicken’s Arse.....always good for a laugh, it was a sad day when we fell out with the last landlord and effectively barred ourselves from playing there ever again.
But now, with Rich runinng things, it’s cool for us to set up and make a lot of noise for 2 hours again.

While we never claim to be a proper band, in the organised sense of the word, we found ourselves feeling almost like the real thing when we turned up with both T-SHIRTS and CDs for sale.....how about that? Both of which will be turning up in the Goodies section pretty damn soon.
The back print of the T-shirts reads ’ Get That Fucker Off The Microphone ’, a line from one of our own songs, Karaoke.
It’s also something a lot of you found yourselves yelling at Bob, one of the Warminster punx that usually come to our gigs in Melksham.

While we love the fact that some of you guys know, and sing along to lyrics that we wrote, which is a huge fuckin buzz i can tell you, the sad truth is that the microphones are for the band.However, if you know the song, i’m not gonna stop anyone singing it with me.....but there’s a limit, and sometimes it gets broken.
The band get just as pissed off as you guys when someone from the audience think they’re either the new Johnny Rotten or, worse still, the new Billy Connolly.
Slurring something incoherent down the microphone was, is, and ever shall be, COMPLETELY UNFUNNY.
Thankfully, a whole day of drinking Special Brew and Cider finally caught up with our good friend Bob, and after 4 or 5 songs, he slumped on the table, and couldn’t be roused, even when we broke into Drinking And Driving.
Sadly, aside from hiring our own security, who would have to work for free, there’s nothing we can do about Mic Grabbers, they think they’re cool and funny, its down to you lot to tell them they’re wrong.

Aside from that, the good people of Melksham showed their support once again and, we like to think, a good time was had by all.See the Galleries section for some photos from that gig, and Yes, the Pigs did show up, and as Punk Rock as that may sound, sadly, they didn’t show up to arrest us.
Maybe next time...

There’s talks going on of Far-Cue playing the Nose on New Years Eve, so watch this space....the band would like to apologise for the impromtu jam session at the end, Steve CAN’T play the drums, no matter what he thinks, and Spike can only just manage 4 strings, let alone trying to tackle 6.Notice Badger didn’t attempt to get on the bass?
What do you call someone who hangs around with musicians?
A Drummer.

Cheers to Rich and all the staff at the Nose for their hospitality....
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