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 Parsons Nose
 New Year 2002
 Bridport in Jan
 Vic Bars
 Studio 2003
 Studio - 1997
 Three Day Tour
 Stones X 4/3
 Glasters 2003
 Footie Club
 Hobbits Club
 Vic Bars 2
 Citizen Fish
 Newquay, Feb
 Nose 2003
 Flicks, Yeovil
 Wunder bar 2004
 Villa Gig
 Arty Shots
 Glasto 2004
 Mardi Gras 04
 Insanity Rally
 Gander 07/04
 Nose 8/4
 Newquay 11/9
 T/House 9/4
 Stones 10/04
 Gander 10/04
 W/Bar 10/04
 Nose 10/04
 ULU, London
 Xmas Eve 04
 Xmas Gigs
 New Years Eve
 The Funeral
 TPT 01/05
 C/wall W/Ender
 Welton Rovers
 W/Bar 05/05
 June W/Ender
 C. Domer
 Junctin 08/05
 Stones 08/05
 Studio 09/05
 Newquay 8/10
 Cornwall 2/6
 T Shirt Design
 Stones 04/06
 Newquay 04/06
 The Business
 The Catchup
 New Pics Jan 07
 Newquay June 07

The Far-Cue Gallery

Against the odds...
To ensure good vocals, always eat your shirt before singing Laborious project, miking up drum kits.......for some anyways Now then, who’s arse is this? Answers on the Forum
Fun recording isnt it? Look at the merry faces Now if i could just find the On switch...... These early mornings just dont agree with some
Is Badger bored? Or just singing a liver popper Guy meditates before the bass tracks have to be laid down No drugs were ingested during the making of the album
Like i said, No drugs were taken This is normal behaviour for Mr. Wilson Scary huh?
The beauty of the studio, is you get to play gorgeous guitars such as this Doesnt he look like Animal from The League? Badger signs the Visitors Book
Hand held is the only way to go
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