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 Parsons Nose
 New Year 2002
 Bridport in Jan
 Vic Bars
 Studio 2003
 Studio - 1997
 Three Day Tour
 Stones X 4/3
 Glasters 2003
 Footie Club
 Hobbits Club
 Vic Bars 2
 Citizen Fish
 Newquay, Feb
 Nose 2003
 Flicks, Yeovil
 Wunder bar 2004
 Villa Gig
 Arty Shots
 Glasto 2004
 Mardi Gras 04
 Insanity Rally
 Gander 07/04
 Nose 8/4
 Newquay 11/9
 T/House 9/4
 Stones 10/04
 Gander 10/04
 W/Bar 10/04
 Nose 10/04
 ULU, London
 Xmas Eve 04
 Xmas Gigs
 New Years Eve
 The Funeral
 TPT 01/05
 C/wall W/Ender
 Welton Rovers
 W/Bar 05/05
 June W/Ender
 C. Domer
 Junctin 08/05
 Stones 08/05
 Studio 09/05
 Newquay 8/10
 Cornwall 2/6
 T Shirt Design
 Stones 04/06
 Newquay 04/06
 The Business
 The Catchup
 New Pics Jan 07
 Newquay June 07

The Far-Cue Gallery

Sarge’s finest work....apparently
And they’re off..... guy spots something interesting on the ceiling Check out the Far-Cue sticker on Guy’s bass......awesome huh?
Whatever it was Guy was lookin at, it’s distracted the audience too Think Badger’s got a sneeze comin So thats the attitude.....
Someone else bein offensive Twist and shout The gig soon turned into a strongman competition
A natural frontman is our Jenkins Pickin and grinnin.....cheesily I look like the audience felt........pissed off with feedback
 And now ive spotted somethin funny on the ceiling And now Badger has a touch of the cheezies
Guy’s lookin for money Not sure what this is about but it looked good Gotta love that sticker
Could be a nightclub in Ibiza couldnt it? Guy still on the hunt for cash Dont look at me Badge, i dont know how the new ones go either
Clearly un-amused at not finding money, Guy takes comfort in that lovely sticker
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