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 Parsons Nose
 New Year 2002
 Bridport in Jan
 Vic Bars
 Studio 2003
 Studio - 1997
 Three Day Tour
 Stones X 4/3
 Glasters 2003
 Footie Club
 Hobbits Club
 Vic Bars 2
 Citizen Fish
 Newquay, Feb
 Nose 2003
 Flicks, Yeovil
 Wunder bar 2004
 Villa Gig
 Arty Shots
 Glasto 2004
 Mardi Gras 04
 Insanity Rally
 Gander 07/04
 Nose 8/4
 Newquay 11/9
 T/House 9/4
 Stones 10/04
 Gander 10/04
 W/Bar 10/04
 Nose 10/04
 ULU, London
 Xmas Eve 04
 Xmas Gigs
 New Years Eve
 The Funeral
 TPT 01/05
 C/wall W/Ender
 Welton Rovers
 W/Bar 05/05
 June W/Ender
 C. Domer
 Junctin 08/05
 Stones 08/05
 Studio 09/05
 Newquay 8/10
 Cornwall 2/6
 T Shirt Design
 Stones 04/06
 Newquay 04/06
 The Business
 The Catchup
 New Pics Jan 07
 Newquay June 07

The Far-Cue Gallery

Fill van before departure Our van has a new stereo Always have a hearty meal before a gig
Isn’t that right Sarge? Pre-gig warm up
 Anger is an energy Smile for the camera
Don’t laugh Badge, this is serious  Must be a difficult bit
 Guy’s sense of equilibrium goes to pot
Whistling now, a la Mr Whittaker  Guy has a big sneeze comin
What ho chaps Go on Guy, smash it up
 There’s somethin very Status Quo about this picture
 Guy is about to say Fuck. No question about it. We salute you
 Sing it dude
And yet more salutes D tastes the ladies hand prints Attitude
Guy’s dropped his change  Aaaaaaaaaaaaand TISH
Show off We love you ALL, even you right there Givin it some
 Isnt it You dealer of devil drinks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dancin Tony getting into it Hmmmmm And back to the hotel room.
This is......... The morning after Ahh some stodge. That’ll cure what ails ya.
Oh we do like to be beside the seaside Dude, put that FUCKING CAMERA DOWN Sarge wouldnt call the Queen his auntie at this point
Bird poo on the tattoos? The very idea. Read the sign fellas Go to sleep tiny dancer
Shhhhh, you’ll wake him up
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