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1) Fave track to play live? Usually ’ Too Much ’, but ’ Summat To Say ’ is running
pretty damn close at the moment.

2) Song you’re bored of playing live? None of the songs are boring, but i don’t
exactly look forward to ’ Tocatta ’

3) Biggest Wanker on the planet? This should be an easy answer, but George Dubya
seems too obvious, so i’m gonna say the bloke who lives opposite the Hope &

4) Best thing about being in Far-Cue? Meeting good old fashioned music lovers. No
scene jumpers, no hangers on, just people who still enjoy a good night out with
a top band.

5) And the worst? Constantly being asked when we are next playing in Frome. And
mike stands. Don’t get me started on the Mike Stands.

6) Who would play you in ’ Far-Cue The Movie ’? A Far Cue movie?Top idea!I see
myself as the quiet,misunderstood type...Think Steve Buscemi in Big Lebowski...

7) If Far-Cue was a drink, it would be......Er,probably moonshine.Homegrown,
strong as f**k,and never found in mainstream pubs!

8) Fave venue that we play.....and why? Only played there once,but it has to be
the Parsons.The gig at Xmas was a bit special.
Must mention Stone’s Cross though.Great atmos,always fun.

9) People who come to Far-Cue gigs are.....Lost?Confused?Dunno really,see
question 4.

10) What happens after you die? My friends and relatives will be burdened
with huge debt.I’ll be chilling with the worms

11) If Far-Cue was a biscuit, it would be......Jammie Dodger.People try and
imitate it,but aint no comparison with the original.

12) Where do you see Far-Cue in 5 years time? Far Cue in 5 years? Older,poorer
but with a late slot at Reading!!
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