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1) Fave track to play live? Wombles

2) Song you’re bored of playing live? You can never get bored.

3) Biggest Wanker on the planet? Blair.

4) Best thing about being in Far-Cue? All of it.

5) And the worst? All of it.

6) Who would play you in ’ Far-Cue The Movie ’? Ray Winstone or Phil Daniels.

7) If Far-Cue was a drink, it would be......Bloody expensive.

8) Fave venue that we play.....and why? Vic Bars. Bloody good crowd n bloody good night out.

9) People who come to Far-Cue gigs are.....Muppets, totty, pissheads, n all up for a bloody good larf.

10) What happens after you die? I will never die.

11) If Far-Cue was a biscuit, it would be......Big, creamy, flakey and smell of girls.

12) Where do you see Far-Cue in 5 years time? Same venues but more money.
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