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1) Fave track to play live? Usually the first one, and also the last one,
everything in between is just weird. If i had to choose, it’d be one of the newer
ones, Buy Me And Stop one.

2) Song you’re bored of playing live? Drinkin and Drivin.....really gets up my

3) Biggest Wanker on the planet? Possibly Pete Waterman, maybe Simon Cowell,
Tony Blair is in the running....and also Fatman Scoop.

4) Best thing about being in Far-Cue? Playing gigs....gigs are my therapy, i
would do a Michael Douglas in Falling Down if i didnt play at least twice a month.

5) And the worst? Where do i begin? The travelling, the drunk people
in the audience who think they can sing, promoters ripping you off, people asking
you to play old punk covers, the list goes on....

6) Who would play you in ’ Far-Cue The Movie ’? Mark Hamill, bout time he did
some more roles.

7) If Far-Cue was a drink, it would be......Absinthe, coz there’s a lotta rumours
about Absinthe, and it’s been known to have a damaging effect on some people.
Either that or a nice cuppa tea.

8) Fave venue that we play.....and why? Newquay, great place, great people,
beautiful girls.

9) People who come to Far-Cue gigs are......Clinically insane.....and lovely.

10) What happens after you die? Your bowels relax, covering you in shit and
piss....while your soul goes on to a better place.

11) If Far-Cue was a biscuit, it would be......Crumbly.

12) Where do you see Far-Cue in 5 years time? Sat in a bar, moaning coz all the
bands that supported them are doing better than they ever did.
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