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Welcome to The Website of Far-Cue.

I urge you again to go to far-cue.bandcamp.com, because now we have t-shirts for sale. Just in time for Christmas innit? These are the infamous ’Karaoke’ shirts, with the ’Get that fucker off the microphone’ emblazoned across the back, and a fuck-off big Far-Cue logo on the front.

But don’t take me word for it, visit far-cue.bandcamp.com to see for yourself. Order now, and you get a copy of our last album....for FREE. Do it!

Go here: http://far-cue.bandcamp.com/ and you can download Far-Cue’s new EP for free. It’s a live collection of some Xmas songs. Just for you. Enjoy.

Alright kidz? This Friday, the 15th of November, we are playing at The Foresters in Melksham. Been a while eh? Hope to see you there.

I used to be able to stick up flyers on the site but for some reason it doesn’t want to work these days. Never mind, the information is there.

Also, Far-Cue t-shirts are making a return. An order has been placed, so if you’re looking for stocking fillers this year, you could do a lot worse than buying a shirt for granny with a swear on it.

Finally....Far-Cue will be giving you a little something for Xmas. As its you. You can have it. Have it. It’s yours. Take it. Have it. Enjoy it.

This Saturday we’re at The Vine Tree in Frome. Home town gigs are hard, come and make it easier.

Our next gig is tomorrow (25th August) at Highbury Playing Fields in Coleford. Its behind The Eagle Inn if you’re confused. We’re playing with a bunch of other bands and artists so should be a good un.

After that we’re at The Wunderbar in Midsomer Norton on September 7th and The Vine Tree in Frome on September 14th.

So lots of Cue-ness to keep you happy. Tomorrow I will also be speaking to Guy and Badger about this new album malarkey, and next week will be going over the mixes from our live recordings in an attempt to fashion them into a live album, something Far-Cue audience members have been badgering me for. No pun intended.

The live album should hopefully emerge before the end of the year, with the new studio one coming out next year. This is because we’ll be recording it ourselves which should be interesting...

Last gig of the year!

The Stones Cross, Midsomer Norton.

Friday December 21st.

Free Entry!

Late gig just come in, we’re at The Three Horseshoes, Bradford-On-Avon, this Friday the 3rd of August.

Late entry, and I rarely update on here anymore, but in case anyone DOES frequent this page, Far-Cue are playing a last minute gig in the Stones Cross, Midsomer Norton, this Saturday the 26th of May. Support comes from Haters UK and entry is.....



So see you there.

It is with some considerable regret that Far-Cue have to announce that they are not supporting Hayseed Dixie at the Cheese and Grain in Frome as planned next week.

More details when I have the time to relay them.

Far-Cue are at the Wunderbar in Midsomer Norton, Thursday 21st of April. Get your asses down there. Tis a bank holiday the day after, so spend it hungover.

Just a quick reminder in case you haven’t seen it on Faceache, we’re supporting Hayseed Dixie at The Cheese and Grain in Frome on the 26th of May. You can go here for the box office : http://www.cheeseandgrain.co.uk/box-office/

or you can phone them on 01373 455 420

It’ll be a good one...

Here is a link to our bandcamp page.

Here you can purchase many Far-Cue albums as downloads, and even individual tracks for 50p.



So firstly let’s get the new album business out of the way. You can click this Buy It Now button:

And pay a fiver and I will send you a link from which to download it. Failing that, come to one of our gigs and buy it from us in person. Failing that, you can drop me a line through this web site and I can arrange to get one sent to you in the post. Its a twelve tracker, with 10 Far-Cue penned songs and 2 covers. So yes, 5 pounds is a bargain.

Here’s a trailer for it and hopefully soon I can piece together a video for one of the tracks using nothing but studio footage. How special will that be?

Far-Cue Album Trailer from Steve Eaton on Vimeo.

Any comments please to steve@farcue.co.uk
last updated 27 November 2013

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