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Just Pics I happen to like for some reason
A rare rhino rat snake

A rare rhino rat snake (Rhynchophis boulengeri) emerges from its shell at ZSL London Zoo. This is the first time these so-called  

found on this site here Baby Tiger 5-8-08

Six-week-old Siberian tiger cub Antares takes his first steps into the limelight during a presentation to the media at Berlin Zoo in Germany.
Ascha, an amur leopard 

Ascha, an amur leopard with her 14-week-old cub, yet to be named, at Marwell Zoological Park in Winchester, Hampshire. A five-day old Rothschild giraffe calf

Born at Woburn Abbey Safari Park near Milton Keynes, is introduced to the public for the first time. Tall Ships Race 2008

One of the boats heading to Merseyside for the Tall Ships Race passes the Burbo Bank wind farm and one of the statues from Anthony Gormley's Another Place. Up to 100 ships will be on display over the weekend before the race to Norway begins on Monday.
Wow.... what a Mountain Pass

It's on the south side of the Gemmipass, by Leukerbad (in the Valais canton of Switzerland). Millau Viaduct

In February 2005, one of the most beautiful and breathtaking bridges yet built was opened at Millau, on the southern edge of France's Massif Central, where the new A75 motorway vaults across the spectacular Tarn gorge. 

The bridge, designed by Norman Foster, is 2.5km long, and at its highest point is 270m above the valley floor, which makes it higher than the Eiffel Tower, and the tallest bridge in the world. The roadway is supported on slender concrete columns, and is suspended from steel pylons. The result is both an engineering marvel and a work of exceptional beauty - a latter-day wonder of the world, that looks from a distance as though it's flying across the valley, carrying a roadway that seems so light as to be almost ethereal. Visions of Science 2005 (Winner)

This image of a peppercorn and a grain of salt taken by David McCarthy is the overall winner (and close-up category winner) in this year's Visions of Science Photographic Awards. The competition is sponsored by Novartis and The Daily Telegraph. (©David McCarthy)

David said his probing shot of table condiments was 'just a bit of fun'. 

Normally, he would be using his expensive and sensitive instrument for more important tasks, such as the investigation of drug delivery systems. 

'But I sometimes produce Christmas cards for my girlfriend and every year it gets more and more difficult,' he told the BBC News website. 

'She always puts too much salt and pepper on her food so I thought, 'I know what I'll do.' 

Hot topic

TV science presenter Adam Hart-Davis said his fellow judges were almost unanimous in their decision to make the salt and pepper picture the overall winner. 

'It's so simple, it's so obvious; you wished you'd taken it yourself,' he said. 'You couldn't have done, of course, because not everyone has access to a SEM - but the fact it makes you feel that way tells you it's a great picture.'
Visions of Science 2005

An eye studies a self-contained ecosystem in which every organism feeds on another, or its waste products. All this sealed globe needs to sustain it is light, so that the plant can produce oxygen. It is like a mini-Earth. (©Maximillian Schneider) Visions of Science 2005

The surface tension of water supports a metal paperclip. By photographing it using a grille in front of the light source, the deformation of the water caused by the clip's weight can be seen. (©Robert Anderson ) Lenticular Cloud

A fantastic example ove Mt Fuji in Japan
Just a good pic

I know it's been doctered, but still good Don't know where it was taken

Just like it... Sowdon taken from Crib Goch

This was back in 2001 on Holiday with Ro

Oh how she enjoyed the climb.... not
Leading edge of Hurricane Ivan back in 2003 (allegedly)

Can't remember the name, but scarry pic
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