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Members of the City of Bath Motorcycle Training Centre

Well as a fine upstanding bunch of motorcyclists, we did try and get away once in a while.

Unfortunately, from the photographs it may appear like we need locking away...!
Occasionaly we went to Aberystwyth

Oh how we enjoyed ourselves, and Oh how it rained...! Aberystwyth (1991...?)

What a great time we had..... Oh how it rained..! The highest point on the A57 Snake Pass

(1988 ish)
A ruptured tank on the old Harris

We had an outing to go barn camping at Bakewell. During which I ruptured me tank on a frantic ride across the A57 snake pass, after which Julie tried to beat me in...! Dougie was just too cool for this sort of thing....

Others however, were not...! The famous Barn near Bakewell

This was in the middle of knowhere.... a tricky place to find across pitch blck fields whilst under the influence.
Langorse Lake (1986 ish)

This is one of those moments when I wish I hadn't got involved.... how embarassing, but I was still called 'Rambo', just don't push me....! Langorse (86 ish)

Where are the bogs Paul....?

They're over there... Langorse (86 ish

Rob looks like he's struggling with the pace.

Too much sand dancing and chicken strutting me thinks..!
Langorse (86 ish)

Looking at this picture... maybe we should have left him down the cave...
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