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Week 8 - 31st August-3rd September 2004
Crikey.... told that they were knocking through at the start of the week and we had to be ready for it....
Sad old couple

After a weekend of clearing the lounge and spare room we sat down to a minimalist setup of conservatory chairs and 14 Hole in Wall #1

0745 tuesday morning and Frank was tapping on the window and was ready to go. So it was off to work to book the week off looking after baby Dylan. Oh no.... we're on fire
Hole in the Wall #2

 Scaffolding went down first thing Tuesday too

Looks like a real house again..... trouble is I didn'tget round to putting me aerial up... End of Tuesday, back to batchelor style life
Mmmm.... nice new wall

All credit to Sean for the artistic bit as it drops in height in a classic Concorde wimg double delta. A Rear View

Ooh er missus Now have a very long long landing

Leading to the new bedroom
New Bedroom

Note... loo won't be there permanently, although it would be handy at times... Ahhh..... my attic for the gym

Did I say this was MY attic....?
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